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Hair Transplant Sydney, The Woods Technique

In treating hair loss, there are several options, but none provide the consistent excellence of results and worldwide exclusive quality control as The Woods Technique.

Dr Ray Woods revolutionised the Hair Transplant Industry worldwide with his microsurgical, minimally invasive FOLLICLE “single” UNIT EXTRACTION technique, and is internationally recognised as the inventor , confirmed by numerous national and international TV Documentaries , medical journals and publications in Australia, USA, Europe etc and magazine, Radio , Internet and countless indisputable and documented results since the mid-1990s. He held seminars in LA and NYC commencing in 2002, with significant media attention, and this finally created a paradigm shift throughout the Hair Transplant Industry worldwide.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

Dr Woods began researching and developing the FUE technique in 1989, Sydney Australia, as an urgent response to the massive trauma, poor results and scarring seen in traditional hair transplantation.

The DONOR area is the hair at the back and sides of the head, which NEVER falls out over most of the life time, and thus can be transplanted “anywhere” on the scalp or body, and grow permanently. Dr Woods also proved that hair from the chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs beard etc can also be transplanted to the scalp and scarred areas, and grow permanently, in 1998. He called this BODY HAIR TRANSPLANTATION, or BHT.

Since the late 1950s, doctors recognised the dominant permanent qualities of DONOR hair, and began transplanting it to the balding scalp, using large approx… 10 mm punches (REFER FIG.C) Although the hair grew, the scarring to the back of the head and horrendous “dolls hair” pluggy look was the result. Despite the damage, men were desperate for hair and the industry grew. Please note, that once follicles are taken, or damaged, they do NOT grow back. They are gone forever.

In the 1980s, the trauma from the “PUNCH” method rendered the donor area decimated, and inaccessible for further procedures , so doctors began cutting out a large strip of flesh from the back of the head (REFER FIG.B), and had it dissected into smaller pieces containing follicles, and then transplanted it to the balding area. This was, and still is called Follicular Unit Transplant, or FUT.

Now, as follicles “BEND” under the skin in 3 Dimensions, like “bananas” (REFER FIG.A), and go to varying depths, large chunks had to be taken, in order to harvest some follicles in order to get a result. The frontal hair line requiring single follicles, often meant large numbers of follicles would be cut through, or “transected” in the process, permanently destroying them (REFER FIG.B)

Since the 1980s till now, the FUT method has also left countless patients with severely scarred and depleted donor areas, and also with a dolls hair pluggy appearance.

Overall , the Hair Transplant Industry was commonly responsible for destruction , disfigurement and life destroying scarring of countless young men. In the section titled “compare other methods” there is a case called “shark transplant survivor” . PLEASED BE WARNED, this video shows graphic , confronting and disturbing images, BUT, it is a historical FACT, and indicates what inspired Dr Woods to make a difference

In developing FUE, unique micro perceptive ability, a natural proprioceptive aptitude and prerequisite microsurgical skills were essential to undertake what would become Dr Woods’ lifelong work in creating and perfecting FUE and BHT, and changed the life destroying, large scale common disasters in the Hair Transplant industry throughout the world.

He reasoned, that with the correct micro engineered instrumentation, high power magnification and his natural ability to “micro-perceive” incisions and “feel” around individual follicles, 0.5 to 1mm diameter, to a tolerance of tenths of a millimetre, he could do what was considered impossible by the hair transplant industry (REFER FIG.E). That is, via micro incisions, he learnt to feel and “sense” the 3 dimensional “bending” of the “banana” shaped follicle (REFER FIG.A), and perceiving exactly the depth of each bulb. And then Dr Woods had to do it repeatedly, without transection, to achieve the most precise cosmetic result.

It still took many years and hard work, intensive practice and training to perfect what Dr Ray Woods called Follicular “single” Unit extraction, or FUE. In the mid 1990’s, TV documentaries, publications , Radio, and Internet media verified the achievements of Dr Woods. But the international Hair Transplant industry was aggressive and horrified by these facts. The methods they used were quick, easy and extremely profitable, regardless of the human tragedy it caused. They realised that if FUE was adopted, only an extremely small percentage of doctors would have the skill and patience to perform it. Most would be out of business, so a campaign to discredit Dr Woods began in earnest. However, the national broadcast on Australian TV, “Good Medicine” program in 1997 and 2000, plus the body hair to scalp discovery shown on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not “, worldwide, and published in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery in 2003, caused a tidal wave of international interest. The “Ripleys” show focused on weird, yet true , phenomena. At that point in history, body hair to the scalp transplants was considered impossible..but it was true, effective, and cosmetically correct, as proven by Dr Woods. It is now commonly used throughout the world.

The publication in the ” British Journal of Plastic Surgery” in 2003 not only confirmed the BHT findings, but the discovery that body hair transplanted to the scalp, can grow longer than its original length.

Dr Woods then conducted multiple seminars in Los Angeles and New York City from 2002 to 2005, exhibiting the technique and patients who underwent FUE, to doctors and the public.

Despite undeniable evidence, most doctors in the Hair Transplant Industry unjustly denounced Dr Woods and claimed that adequate coverage could not be achieved via FUE and that transection rates would be unacceptably high. (REFER FIG.D) But Dr Woods proved the sceptics wrong, with countless consecutive results and documentation, that he actually “worked” around each follicle, micro perceiving the 3D angulation and depth of each follicle, and elevating Hair Transplantation into a “microsurgical Artform” (REFER FIG.E)

He was and still is at full disclosure and does not hide behind legal disclaimers and “gag orders”, as is the common practice. He proved beyond doubt that his procedure was the finest, most precise and least traumatic in the world. It required microsurgical skill, patience, correct instrumentation and many years of practice and training, and a passion for microsurgical artistry.

In 2000, Dr Woods formally published a “list of patient rights” which sent shock waves through the Industry.

Every follicle placement can be observed by the patient under high power magnification , where they can see the follicle is intact and being placed correctly, without damage .

This in itself was a revolutionary change to protect the patient, and over the years improved with digital camera technology.

A few years later, Dr Woods introduced “MONITORING OF DONOR EXTRACTION” …another world first, unique and still exclusive innovation. That along with Monitoring of Follicle Implantation , is not patented or unattainable technology. Any clinic can offer it. But not one ,world wide, to this point , does. The patient must ask..”why not ?”






“Give credit where credit is due, and this one is long overdue; 20+ years in the making. It all started with one man, one vision. It is our responsibility here at HairSite to honor and validate the vision of this great doctor who single handedly brought FUE & BHT into the mainstream. Do no harm, one follicle at a time. A world renowned achievement that happens only once in a lifetime.”

— founder of New York City

Hair Transplant Sydney, The Woods Technique

In the world today, the oath of “Do No Harm” is not widely used.
Most definitely the Oath did not apply to the hair transplant industry since its inception as the techniques used included large punches , scalp reductions, ( also known as FUT) scalp flaps and rotations , and many other devices more at home in museum from the inquisition. These methods were invasive and often extremely damaging to the scalp, and commonly leaving disfigurement.
A champion of change. At the start of the 1990s Dr. Ray Woods recognized a dire need in the hair transplant community to get back to the motto of “do no harm.” It was this, plus the certainty that there had to be a better, safer and micro surgically precise method for hair transplants to be completed, that spurred Dr. Woods to create and refine the world’s least invasive hair transplant technique – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). There is no need for massive strips being cut across a patient’s scalp. Thanks to Dr. Woods’ efforts there is an alternative to patients receiving large wounds and ending up scarred for life. While the FUE technique sounds like the answer to a lot of prayers, when Dr. Woods first began to try to spread the procedure throughout the hair transplant community in the mid 1990s he was met with a great deal of skepticism and even some outright scathing criticism. Inertia was against Dr. Woods – the invasive surgical procedures were simply the way things were done, as they were quick , easy and profitable. Pioneering. Skip ahead to present day and word has spread to clients that they no longer need to endure major surgery in order to enjoy natural cosmetic results .
Clinics around the world are scrambling to embrace and in many cases, “re brand “ Dr. Woods’ findings and procedures in an effort to associate for credibility, and keep up with consumer demand. Because of his dedicated efforts to protect clients creating a superior ,safe alternative hair transplant procedure, and raise public and medical awareness, the consumer watch‐dog website presented Dr. Woods with a Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the first time in the Industry such an award has been granted, and Dr Woods is humbled and appreciative.

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