Beard/Neck Hair Procedures

Invasive hair transplant procedures such as strip removal or punch techniques can leave behind massive scarring and/or dead zones in the donor area. As seen on the patient in the video, this may cause coverage that is very noticeably uneven with thin or dead patches.

Since the donor area had been so damaged by the previous procedures Dr. Wood was unable to use any of the traditional donor follicles to fix the dead patches and cover the scarred areas.
Dr. Woods instead transferred 1000 donor follicles from the patient’s beard area, moving the healthy productive follicles to the dead or thin patches on the patient’s head.
As seen in the “after” images, the hair coverage is now even. It can be combed in any direction, doesn’t require any special stylization to resemble the original hair around it, and the dead patches are completely even in coverage with the healthy areas.

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