In this video we see a patient who has very noticeable scars along his hairline that are a result of a scalp flap procedure. A scalp flap procedure involves cutting a strip of scalp that is still growing hair, leaving one end still attached to the scalp, and twisting it so it covers a thinning…

This video demonstrates the coverage capacity of a FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure of 1,250 grafts. FUE is accomplished by extracting each healthy follicle of hair on an individual basis, as opposed to invasive procedures that require cutting and twisting sections of the scalp or cutting a long strip out of the scalp entirely in…

Tommy 1500 FUE Grafts Hal – 1250 FUE Grafts Dex 1250 Grafts FUE Jack 1,250 Grafts Vito 1,500 Grafts FUE

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