Previous to Dr. Woods’ pioneering the Woods Technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) patients had a very limited menu of options when it came to hair relocation surgery. The method that entered the general public’s consciousness involved the use of hair plugs. The reason this method became so widely known is due to the fact…

HUEY “HUEY” Plug Repair, 1,500 FUE Grafts FERNAND Plug Repair

The patient highlighted in this video, “Cruizer,” had undergone numerous invasive surgical procedures (scalp flap and strip surgeries) to combat his thinning hair. As a result he has extensive scarring along the hairline and in the donor areas, as seen in the “before” images. In addition, the invasive procedures were not particularly successful – the…

“Cruizer” Repair 3,500 FUE/BHT Grafts CRUIZER “Cruizer” came to Dr Ray Woods after having undergone previous Scalp Flap and Strip surgeries. He received 2,500 chest/Abdominal hair and 1,500 Neck hair to repair the damage.

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