The majority of questions that potential patients have about hair transplants revolve around how they will they look after the procedure. How natural will the hairline be? How much coverage will they have? Will they be scarred? Will they have “doll’s hair” or other obvious indications of a procedure? This video of 2500 FUE after hair transplant has been uploaded to help you understand the end results of a procedure.

FUE refers to Follicular Unit Extraction, a technique pioneered by Dr. Ray Woods in response to the invasive, and perhaps even barbaric, techniques of hair transplantation that came before.

Previous to Dr. Woods’ work all hair transplant procedures involved substantial cuts to the patient’s scalp. For example, in the “strip mining” procedure a strip of scalp was literally cut away from the patient’s head and then “mined” for healthy hair follicles.

This, and other such invasive surgeries, resulted in substantial scarring. Depending on where the scarring occurred it would sometimes not be possible to hide it, resulting in it being noticeable that the patient had undergone a procedure.

The 2500 FUE after hair transplant video you see here shows that thanks to Dr. Woods’ work there now exists a procedure that results in no scarring to the patient, leaving a natural-looking hairline. There is also no scarring left in the donation zones.

How much coverage one can see in post-2500 FUE after hair transplant results depends on how many follicles are transplanted and how bald the recipient zone was before the procedure. If you would like more information about your particular situation please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our official website or by phone at +612 9560 0111.

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