FUE Transplant 1500

The FUE Transplant 1500 is the manual transplantation of 1500 individual healthy growing hairs from donor areas to the areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss.

The Follicular Unit Extraction method, pioneered by Dr. Ray Woods, does not involve any sort of invasive surgery as seen in other out-of-date hair transplantation operations such as “strip mining” or “plug” procedures.

Patients who went through these older practices would have to endure major wounds to their scalp. In the case of “strip mining” a literal strip of scalp was cut out of the donor area (the area where hair was still fully growing) and the resulting injury to the scalp was stitched or stapled shut.

In the case of plug surgery round “plugs” were excised from the donor area and grafted onto the area of the scalp in need of hair coverage.

In either case (and in cases of other forms of invasive procedures) the patient was left with substantial scarring.

Now with Dr. Woods’ FUE Transplant 1500 procedure each individual hair and root is extracted from the donor area of the head (or if necessary from other areas such as the chest) with no major surgery or resulting wounds.

The patient is left with a natural-looking hairline plus scalp coverage that can be combed in any direction.

If you have any questions at all about the FUE Transplant 1500 procedure please don’t hesitate to visit us at http://woodstechnique.com.au/.

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