8000 Body Hair Transplant, BHT Grafts – Patient “Roman” was the first in the world to receive Dr. Woods’ pioneering body hair transplant procedure. To avoid thinning out the donor areas on the head, Dr. Woods’ technique takes hair from other parts of the body – the back, neck, and chest, to compliment donor follicles taken from the head.

In the case of “Roman” 8,000 follicles were transplanted. The “after” images, taken some years later (the “before” images were taken in the year 2,000) show that the transferred follicles remain healthy and productive, creating an even coverage of the patient’s scalp.

In addition the donor areas of back and chest are completely free of scars. Dr Ray Woods is the Inventor and Founder of the FUE Technique. Click here to call and watch the video to find out more about the 8000 BHT – body hair transplant Grafts.

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