The patient highlighted in this video, “Cruizer,” had undergone numerous invasive surgical procedures (scalp flap and strip surgeries) to combat his thinning hair.

As a result he has extensive scarring along the hairline and in the donor areas, as seen in the “before” images. In addition, the invasive procedures were not particularly successful – the coverage on the crown of the head is still quite thin and uneven, and the hairline along the front and temples is uneven, patchy, and unnatural looking.

The “after” images show the results of Dr. Woods’ technique of transplanting hair from the patient’s abdomen and neck – the coverage of the crown is far better. The mess of the hairlines is cleaned up and natural looking. The scars from the previous procedures are covered up.

In addition, there is no scarring left behind on the donor areas of the body and the neck.

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