Daniel-Repair with beard hair.
This patient had approximately 17 previous operations which included scalp reductions, flaps and strip excision.

He only has very sparse body hair which will be required to repair his frontal hairline. This meant there was no alternative other than beard hair to repair the massive scars on the back of his head which he otherwise had to disguise with a hair piece.

1,100 Beard Hair grafts were transplanted into the scar area under microscopic control utilizing the finest instrumentation and technique possible. Transection rates were approx. 5%.

Beard hair can be very coarse, feel �sharp or prickly� and look unnatural on the frontal scalp region but can be used to repair donor scars.

The pinkness is fading gradually and now looks little more than a shaving rash.

I wish to stress that Beard hair should be removed below the jaw line to avoid any possibility of pock marks and indentations on the face.

Beard Hair is not easy to remove and is prone to transection and damage in the removal process. If not done correctly, for every �single� good follicle, several follicles could be damaged and non viable.

If Beard hair is to be considered the last body hair resource then careless removal must be avoided at all costs.

This may deplete valuable stores below the jaw line and force some doctors to attempt removing beard hair from the face and this I believe is potentially problematic and only to be used as an absolute last resort.

Surgery Performed by Dr Ray Woods, Inventor FUE & BHT

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