Intra Operative Donor Images of Matt (aka ‘Photomatt’)

1,200 grafts were removed. These photos were taken IMMEDIATELY after graft removal on day 2.

The photos are of progressively closer views taken immediately after the second session.The only way to ascertain if any peripheral follicular damage exists is by examining the donor area closely at ‘ground zero’. Future procedures depend upon this.Note: Patient had some existing scars on scalp that were there prior to surgery. Use patient’s existing scars as a reference point for viewing photographs.


During 1800 graft removal

Healing will be rapid, and a “buzz cut” will be possible with no obvious detection from the 2 to 3 week mark.The emphasis is on donor site preservation. Each follicle is a precious and irreplaceable commodity and therefore the donor site must be treated by the surgeon with respect and accountability.

Please note; when a follicle is removed, there is no encroachment upon or damage to peripheral follicles.

In this case, removal of a further 2,000 grafts from the same area is immediately possible.

Note: Patient had some existing scars on scalp.


Genuine Before and After Photos

About our Photos
All photos shown in our photo gallery are genuine. The stills are taken directly from video filming before, during and after the procedure using a Sony TRV 900E video camera. We have chosen this format because it provides the most accurate and true to life assessment possible despite the slightly diminished quality of the still photos transfered to our website. All patients can have access to their video record upon request. Still photographs taken from video allow us a complete and honest overview of before and after the procedure. However, these photos are not ‘Studio Glamour Portraits’ therefore soft focus, special lighting etc., has NOT been used. All videos have been taken by the doctors during consultation and the procedure.

These videos can be shown to you upon consultation confirming their authenticity.

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