Donor Site Images
The four post and intra operative images show how the donor site looks during and immediatley after the procedure. Please note that the area has been cleaned and prepared for photographs.

Other images show how Tom’s donor site appeared at 3 weeks after his procedure. Notice that there is no visible evidence of donor hair removal. This allows clients to cut their hair relatively short after the procedure. Tom prefers to buzz cut his hair. It was an absolutely essential that the donor and recipient areas showed no evidence of a transplant procedure. These a representative of all cases.

Please note that Tom decided to shave his head entirely before and after the procedure. This is not necessary for clients to do this.

In this case, we removed the grafts in sections so that photos could be taken and clearly demonstrate healing rates, side by side, over a period of da …


About our Photos
All photos shown in our photo gallery are genuine. The stills are taken directly from video filming before, during and after the procedure using a Sony TRV 900E video camera. We have chosen this format because it provides the most accurate and true to life assessment possible despite the slightly diminished quality of the still photos transfered to our website. All patients can have access to their video record upon request. Still photographs taken from video allow us a complete and honest overview of before and after the procedure. However, these photos are not ‘Studio Glamour Portraits’ therefore soft focus, special lighting etc., has NOT been used. All videos have been taken by the doctors during consultation and the procedure.

These videos can be shown to you upon consultation confirming their authenticity.


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