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Hair Transplantation

Our technique is only performed with local anaesthetic. There is NO intravenous or intramuscular sedation (as is required in other hair transplantation procedures), simply because it is such a gentle microsurgical procedure. You can observe, direct, discuss and be totally informed and involved in the replacement of your hair. Absolutely NO need for a ‘Biopsy Test’, ‘Trial’ or ‘Test Patch’ prior to our procedure. It is available for everyone worldwide.

The ‘STRIP-EXCISION’ as used in other transplant procedures is DEFINITELY NOT DONE.

We remove the individual follicle ‘cylinder’ units from the back of the head, one by one, through ‘micro-incisions’ of approximately 0.8-1mm. Diameter. Each follicular unit contains only 1, 2, or 3 hair. We can transplant up to 600 of these individual follicular unit ‘cylinders’ (also called ‘grafts’) in one ‘TOP-UP’ session. 600 grafts contain approximately 1,200 hairs).

Commonly up to 4 sessions can be performed within a 4-7 day period, (approx. 5,000 hair). Also 8 procedures can be performed in 14 days (approx. 10,000 hair) These ‘micro-incisions’ shrink to approximately 0.7mm within hours of the procedure and form tiny crusts that disappear in 7 to 14 days. There are no restrictions regarding straining or lifting. Clients can drive themselves home after each procedure.

Interstate and International clients can travel by air the next day if they wish. The back and sides of the head can have 50,000 to 100,000 hair, so there is NO visible difference to this ‘donor area’, even after multiple ‘TOP-UP’ sessions. No Legal Disclaimer Required To our knowledge we are the only Hair Transplantation Clinic in the world where legal disclaimers and waivers are not required. This is your guarantee of our ethical approach, confidence in our procedure and commitment that we are providing the safest and most perfect Hair Transplantation method possible.

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