Inventor and Pioneer

Dr Ray Woods

M.B.,B.S.,Sydney University

Inventor of FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction

Dr. Ray Woods graduated from Sydney University Medical School in 1982. He had wide experience in many areas of medicine including Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, and Internal Medicine, trauma, skin cancer surgery and cosmetic Dermatological surgery. However, he maintained a fascination with the concept of Hair Transplant since he was 17 years old, and in 1989 decided to investigate the process.

Dr. Woods had envisaged the discipline to be a process of microsurgical follicular extraction, but found that worldwide best practice was extremely different and far removed from his vision. After witnessing close friends suffer the physical and psychological trauma of disfiguring hair transplant surgery, he began research and experimentation to create a new minimally invasive microsurgical follicular single unit extraction process, which did not exist anywhere in the world. As his work progressed, many thought his concept was impossible and impractical. Along with creating this new discipline, it was paramount to Dr. Woods to set new standards in ethics and accountability. Every aspect of this discipline was explored, developed and perfected, including intricate and complicated scar repair previously thought to be untreatable.

Invention of FUE Hair Transplant

In 1995 the procedure was already achieving nationwide recognition in Australia, and in 1996 he presented to the Australian Association of Trichologists annual meeting, held at “The Rocks”, Sydney. The procedure became known as “The Woods Technique” and was shown on an Australian national television medical program in April 1997 ( filmed in November 1996). Many international publications and websites reported on the extraordinary breakthroughs on the revolutionary FUE Hair Transplant technique created by Dr Woods. A second national television documentary was shown in March 2000 ( filmed August 1999) and demonstrated the cure of a female cancer patients large radiation scar to the central scalp. Specialists at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney told her it was “impossible” to grow hair in such a large broad deep scar caused by cancer surgery and subsequent intensive radiation therapy. Dr Woods relished the opportunity to prove the experts wrong and help this lovely lady. Her name is “Rosalie” and parts of that footage will be presented.

World First FUE Breakthroughs

Further “world’s first” breakthroughs came in 1999 when Dr Woods began transplanting body hair onto the scalp of balding men and those with severe scarring. So many men had decimated and scarred donors where no more hair could be removed, and still left with terrible , scarred , bald and unacceptable cosmetic results. Dr Ray Woods was suddenly struck with the idea that body hair could be used. It may not match perfectly, but kept short, no one would tell the difference. The procedure was a great success but it was not until August 2002 that Dr Woods realised that body hair transplanted to the head can assume the characteristics of normal scalp, either naturally, or with “training” , and that this hair can and usually does grow longer than it did on the body. This is one of the most innovative breakthroughs not just in Hair Transplantation, but in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. (published in The British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2003.) Hence FUE Hair Transplant was born.

Seminars – New York and Los Angeles

In April 2002, Dr Ray Woods held a seminar in Los Angeles, attended by some of the leading hair transplant authorities and doctors in the world. Further seminars were held regularly in NYC and LA between 2002 and late 2005. The FUE hair transplant work has been showcased on numerous occasions on US television, as well as radio, journals, websites and newspapers around the world.

Dr. Ray Woods created an irreversible world wide trend toward minimally invasive microsurgical hair transplant surgery, and is recognised internationally as the innovator and world’s most experienced and leading expert in the field of Follicular Single Unit Extraction FUE hair transplant and related scar repair and body hair to scalp transplants (BHT).

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