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Dr Ray Woods

FUE Inventor

Dr Ray Woods is the first doctor in the world to research, develop and perfect single follicular unit extraction, FUE. This has now been documented in Australian media and television since 1995. This has also been documented in the international media for several years.

He is also the first to develop body hair to head transplant since 1998 and first made the amazing discovery that body hair can grow up to 3 times and possible more, of it’s original length and assume the qualities and characteristics of scalp hair.

Microsurgical skin grafting, scar repair and other advances in transplant repair work were first developed and perfected by Dr Woods.

Perfection of a minimally invasive microsurgical technique allowing for greater numbers of transplantable hair without the normal scarring, trauma and follicular damage.

Only the follicle itself is inserted, without unnecessary and excess tissue attached to it. This means the recipient circulation can be totally devoted to nourishing just the newly implanted follicle. The limited circulation in the recipient area does not need to support unnecessary non follicular tissue which is taken from the donor area in other procedures. This allows the fastest re-growth and the highest percentage of immediate ‘take rate’ possible.

FUE Sydney

Repair of ‘pluggy’, misplaced, indented and unsatisfactory hairlines utilising unique technology, micro-skin grafting, and recycling precious follicles to suitable areas.

Chest and body hair transplanted to the head. This is for people who have damaged and depleted donor areas due to strip excision and other types of surgery. It is also useful for thickening the vertex and crown areas.

Strip Excision ( FUT) scars and Plug Graft Scar repair using body/chest hair has been pioneered and first introduced by Dr Woods in 1998. But neck/beard hair follicles have also long been used and are an excellent choice to repair scars, but also to thicken balding crowns and central scalp regions. The white dot scarring here is absolutely minimal and barely ever noticeable due to the elasticity and flexibility of the neck, and natural crease lines. It has become an invaluable resource. See the video “diamond 6” , and “cruiser”

Dr Ray Woods is capable of performing multiple procedures in a matter of days and give coverage that would take other techniques years to achieve. This is done without the usual scarring and trauma.

Introducing M.O.D.E. (Monitoring of Donor Extraction)

Our patients have always been able to watch all follicles being placed real time via monitor.

Now we offer a new world first innovation where patients can watch all follicles being actually removed from the donor also in real time via several monitors. This ensures the patient can see low transection rate, safety and donor protection. This is called Monitoring Of Donor Extraction ‘MODE’ . This allows the patient to confirm and account for every graft being intact and viable and be reassured of the highest level of interaction, confidence and actual visualisation proving the claim that this is still the finest and most perfect procedure in the world.

FUE Sydney Australia, Follecular Unit Extraction by Dr Ray Woods.

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