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  • Your own natural, individual hair follicles are transferred to the balding area, one by one, microsurgically.
  • The usual strip excision is not done so there are no stitches, no scalpel.
  • Absolutely NO need for a ‘Biopsy Test’, ‘Trial’, or ‘Test Patch’ prior to our procedure. It is available to everyone!
  • There are no drugs, no lotions and no hormonal side effects used in our hair follicle transplant.
  • Only local anaesthetic is used so you can observe, direct and be totally informed and involved in the replacement of you hair.
  • The TOP-UP technique was designed to give piece of mind, confidence and safety.
  • Inspect the follicles before they are inserted, then lean back with a mirror in you hand and watch your hair being replaced, according to your wishes. You may have someone else with you during this part of the hair follicle transplant procedure.
  • HIGH DEFINITION MAGNIFIED DIGITAL VIDEO MONITORING BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PROCEDURE is available upon request.After 25 years, this is STILL EXCLUSIVE to THE WOODS TECHNIQUE of FUE Immediately afterwards, DRIVE YOURSELF HOME or catch a plane the very next day if required.
  • Immediately afterwards, DRIVE YOURSELF HOME or catch a plane the very next day if required after being with your FUE hair doctor.
  • We TOP-UP bald patches, thinning areas and re-establish the natural, mature and dignified male hairline.
  • Whether you need a MAJOR RESTORATION or ‘just a top-up’, this is a commonsense, logical and safe way to achieve natural life-long hair replacement.
  • The Dr Ray Woods Technique is a World First and thorough comparison with all other procedures is strongly encouraged.
  • Graft for graft, hair follicle transplant…the Woods Technique takes more time. But, then again, you need to take the time to achieve the finest result possible-AND WE GIVE THE TIME AND THE CARE YOU NEED.

PLEASE NOTE: We can repair and restore damaged and ‘Misplaced’ hairlines due to ‘OTHER’ procedures, making us your FUE hair doctor. This means taking hair from ‘Plugs’ or ‘Skin Flaps’ (Rotations), and placing it into bald patches and ‘gaps’ elsewhere. The area from where the hair was taken is repaired by a Microsurgical Skin Graft. This can spare men from the embarrassment of an abnormal appearance.

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