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Hair loss can have a huge emotional impact. It can bring about feelings of shame, a loss of confidence, and add stress to social situations. It can also add a sense of desperation to people who seek to undergo a hair transplant Australia procedure; and in that desperation patients are willing to be treated by less reputable surgeons in an unfair manner.

Dr. Woods isn’t only a pioneer in the Wood Technique of hair transplant, he’s also at the forefront of pushing for patient rights when it comes to hair transplants in Australia. It is his profound hope that one day, this document will be the standard by which all doctors in the industry abide.

These are the principals upon which The Woods Technique has been built. Being the best hair transplant surgeon in Australia, this is the list to follow.

    1. No Strip Excision to be performed or offered by the clinic.
    2. No unfair legal disclaimer – This allows lawyers to defend the indefensible results of poor surgery.
    3. Patient interaction and intra-operative monitoring of follicular placement.
    4. Largest instrument to be used for follicular placement in normal skin is a 20 or 21 gauge hypodermic needle. Rarely in thick scar repair, a 19 gauge needle may be required.
    5. Monitoring of Donor Extraction, ( see “M.O.D.E) available upon request.
    6. Donor Site Conservation and Protection – Avoidance of follicular damage due to incorrect technique, inexperience and production line mentality.
    7. No intravenous sedation/analgesia – The patient should be aware, lucid, fully informed and interacting during the procedure. Drugs that significantly affect the patients ability to make decisions and interact must not be used.
    8. Do No Harm

As the Woods Technique and the list of patient rights become adopted by more surgeons around the world, the mark of the best hair transplant surgeons won’t just be Dr. Woods’ hair transplant technique itself, it will also include the fundamental care for the patient’s overall health and well being that is at the core of Dr. Woods’ pioneering efforts.

If you are a patient looking for a hair transplant  in Australia it is essential that, no matter how desperate you may be at the moment, you don’t sign away your rights. Those rights exist to protect your health and to ensure that you are fully aware of everything that is being done to you during your procedure.

If you encounter a practitioner that does not adhere to the principals listed above you may be in for significant scarring which will in itself require further procedures to hide (if possible). You may also be required to sign away your ability for legal recourse for an improperly performed procedure.
If you have any questions at all about what went into the creation of Dr. Woods’ list of patient rights please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +612 9560 0111 or send us a note via our contact page.

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