Dr Ray Woods’ patient known as “HT Veteran” came to him for repair in 1999 after another Doctor left him with large Strip Scars along the back of his head. This was the first time in the world that a scar repair had been performed, using both donor and body hair. HT Veteran has now returned 15 years later to show his results. Hair Transplant Scar Repair.

The Woods Technique Clinic offers scar repair to patients whom have been left scarred and damaged by older and still currently used, more destructive methods of the Hair Transplant industry. Many of these men may have undergone Strip excision surgery, leaving them with wide stretched scars running behind the back of their head. Further hair loss has left them with no option but to wear a cap or wig to hide the scars. Others may have undergone a “scalp flap reduction”, an outdated method which sees large areas of balding scalp literally being cut out. Over time, the scars stretch leaving the patient with horrific scarring.

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