Chest and Body Hair Growth Lengths
Astounding Discovery with Body Hair Growth on Scalp

5 November 2002 – Dr Ray Woods measured body hair transplanted on the scalp of our patient Justin, featured on this website. The body hair was originally 7 cm (2.75″). After 22 months it has grown to exceptional lengths and characteristics. It is now between 12.5 cm (4.92″) and 16 cm (6.29″) in length.Similar findings are confirmed with a US patient, (known as Timetested on various hairloss forums in the US). His original chest hair growth was 3.17 cm (1.25″). After 16 months it is measured at10.16cm (4″).

In both cases the the body hair has taken on similar characteristics of normal scalp hair.


About our Photos
All photos shown in our photo gallery are genuine. The stills are taken directly from video filming before, during and after the procedure using a Sony TRV 900E video camera. We have chosen this format because it provides the most accurate and true to life assessment possible despite the slightly diminished quality of the still photos transfered to our website. All patients can have access to their video record upon request. Still photographs taken from video allow us a complete and honest overview of before and after the procedure. However, these photos are not ‘Studio Glamour Portraits’ therefore soft focus, special lighting etc., has NOT been used. All videos have been taken by the doctors during consultation and the procedure.

These videos can be shown to you upon consultation confirming their authenticity.

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