This video presents patient “Patrick” who received 1,500 body hair grafts. Rather than deplete the healthy follicle donor area of the head Dr. Woods’ technique instead takes an amount of donor follicles from other areas of the body – the neck, abdomen, and the back.

None of the transfers involve large surgical cuts into the patients scalp or skin. Hair transplant procedures that do use such an invasive technique (scalp strip removal or scalp flaps) leave large scars behind.

The scalp flap procedure leaves scars all along the temple and hairline which are very noticeable. The strip removal procedure leaves a large scar across the back of the head which is a dead zone where hair will not grow back in, leaving a noticeable patch or gap in the growth pattern.

As seen in the “after” images in the video, patient “Patrick” received an even coverage across his head that resulted in a natural looking hairline across the front and at the temples.

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